Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sneak Peek: Steampunk Alien Invasion - Who Are Hetzel, Hugo, and Herbert?

Hetzel, Hugo and Herbert are three diminutive and resentful Critovians that are left behind on Earth in 1851 London by the rest of their Critovian Reconnaissance Advance Party.

From the book:

- Left to fend for themselves without any useful devices and forced to disguise their alien features with goggles and hats, learn a human language and take human names to blend in as best they could, they all had bitter feelings about being summarily dumped. But their fearless leader Hetzel was still driven to finish the mission, to prepare the ground for the invasion of Earth. Even if that meant traveling into the future to do it. -

Through a series of events the aliens are eventually transported to 2013 where their goggles and purloined Victorian children's clothing give the hipper London set the impression that they are possibly the coolest little Steampunkers ever.

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