Sunday, April 7, 2013

EK Gillcoan and Carl Pukwudgie Have A Chat

Carl Pukwudgie, cryptozoologist, electronic genius and trusty sidekick character in the R. Nevada, S.P.I. series of tongue-in-cheek sci-fi novels has a revealing conversation with the author. The conversation took place in Boston on the "Salt and Pepper" bridge (aka the Longfellow Bridge) that spans the Charles River between Beacon Hill and Cambridge while the Red Line trains rumbled past and cars whizzed by at dizzying speeds.

EK: Carl, thanks for coming to Boston to have this chat with me about yourself and your role in the R. Nevada adventures.

CARL: No problem, dude. Just remember our deal, you know, about not referring to my head as a cue ball in the books anymore.

EK: Well, uh, I'll try to accommodate that request, but I don't recall it as a hard and fast prerequisite to this interview. Besides, don't you think it 's, well, appropriately descriptive?

CARL: How about we just stick to the honey dew melon imagery?

EK: Okay, Carl. Anyway, I was hoping you could fill everyone in on how you came to be involved with cryptids? Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Aswang and so forth.

CARL: I friggin' hate vampires.

EK: Yes, I think we're all aware of that by now. And, as you know, the Aswang is not really a vampire as such, although it can exhibit vampire-like properties.

CARL: I hate Aswangs, too.

EK: Right. Well I don't want to be seem to be a pain in the Aswang, so to speak, but can you give us some background? Tell us about your first crypto encounter? Maybe something about your, no doubt, twisted and depraved childhood?

CARL: My twisted childhood? Dude, you're the one writing this stuff! I'm just, you know, doing my thing.

EK: Yes, but, be that as it may, I could use your assistance here in discussing your character's backstory, in presenting…

The Red Line to Cambridge hurtles by with a rumble and a rush of air.

CARL: Say, I've got a question for you! I keep hearing this rumor that you're actually some gubment big whig that really knows all about aliens and Area 51 and the truth about Roswell and you're just having some fun writing this stuff using a… a gnome day pool.

EK: Nom de plume.

CARL: Right, whatever. So, what's the deal?

EK: Nonsense.

CARL: So EK Gillcoan is your real name, then?

EK: It's complete nonsense that I'm some black ops G-man getting my kicks writing farcical sci-fi novels about aliens. Conspiracy theorists love to imagine this sort of thing. I should know, I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself. Don't get me started on chemtrails.

CARL: Well, so do you think there really are aliens, or is it all just fiction to you?

EK: Oh, extraterrestrials are certainly visiting our planet, and have been for a long, long time. There's mountains of evidence at this point. The delusional ones are the people that don't believe it.

CARL: And what about cryptids. What about the Aswang?

EK: Well, now, the Aswang is a whole different animal…

To Be Continued...

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