The S.P.I. Guide To Extraterrestrials

The Strange Phenomena Investigator's Guide
To Extraterrestrials
R. Nevada, S.P.I.


As a Strange Phenomena Investigator I’m often approached by people who are too cheap to pay for my services for free advice and information regarding a variety of topics that fall under the umbrella of "strange phenomena".

The purpose of this guide, to be perfectly honest, is to compile and share my knowledge of extraterrestrials in one comprehensive volume so as to get those people consumed by an interest in all things alien off my back.

At some point I will no doubt produce a similar guide containing the same sort of information about other paranormal phenomena designed to keep amateur ghost hunters and cryptid crazies from asking me endless annoying questions, but for the moment I hope this guide will satisfy the curiosity of miserly alien hunters and wannabe abductees.


What is an ET?

This seems like as good a place to start as any.

The term "extraterrestrial" has come to mean any object or being not of this Earth, even though the term "terrestrial", in the largest sense, refers to any rocky planet, of which there are several in this solar system, millions in the galaxy and untold billions in the Universe. The fact that we have narrowed the term "terrestrial", and therefore its derivative "extraterrestrial", to the Earth is indicative of our self-absorbed, ego-centric nature and one of the chief reasons most alien species want nothing to do with us.

To Be Continued...

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