Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EK Gillcoan and R. Nevada Sit Down For A Conversation

EK: So, before we begin, is it alright if I call you "R", or shall I be more formal for this and call you Mr. Nevada?

NEVADA: No, it's never alright to call me "R", and you well know it. Just call me Nevada as you always do. I'll refer to you as EK.

EK: Okay, that's fine. So what shall we start with? What got you into the whole Strange Phenomena Investigator game to begin with?

NEVADA: Well you should know, shouldn't you? I mean, you write this stuff. Can't you recall your own notes on character backstory?

EK: Well, sure, but I was hoping you might tell us in your own words, you know? Give us some insight, some hidden motives. Share some dark, secret, life altering events.

NEVADA: I think you may have me confused with Carl, who is clearly a disturbed little bugger. A genius, yes, but emotionally disturbed, you'll have to admit.

EK: Well, I don't know if I intended to write him as "disturbed". Quirky, certainly. Eccentric, unconventional, aberrant, idiosyncratic, a bit freakish, maybe.

NEVADA: You sound like a walking thesaurus.

EK: Well, words are my business, you know. But you don't seem to interact with the character Carl Pukwudgie in the books as if you consider him "disturbed".

NEVADA: Well we're not in the books at the moment, are we? I thought this was the whole point. To get a more candid picture of the characters when they're not playing their roles.

EK: Hmmm. Let me think about this for a moment…


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