Monday, April 1, 2013

Carl Pukwudie Hates Vampires

From "Steampunk Alien Invasion" (soon to be released):

- Carl’s snake-like ponytail whipped back and forth on the back of his cue-ball head as he swung his machete wildly trying to cut through the thick jungle growth. “Oh, man, do I hate friggin’ vampires! Only one thing I hate more than vampires, and that’s… friggin’… jungles!” he said punctuating his words with each swing.
Nevada was clearly getting weary of Carl’s complaining. “It’s not a vampire, as such, as you’re well aware. It’s an Aswang. Not quite the same thing, although it has been reputed to exhibit vampire characteristics. Anyway, I seem to recall that it was your idea, your insistence in fact, that we get involved in this expedition.” Being a foot and a half taller than Carl, Nevada swung his machete at the overhead vines while Carl hacked away at the underbrush. -

Copyright © 2013 EK Gillcoan

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